The Pediatric Ward


How can anyone can sleep?

The ward is made up of 24 cots. One cot per patient and family. Sometimes the patients  must double up and have two per cot. Where do the parents sleep you must be thinking. As we all know, life as a parent can at times be difficult.  We can all remember the night when our child had an ear infection and know one got any sleep. This brings a new meaning to not getting any sleep.

Rounds are a little different than in the US

Each morning and evening we make rounds on the patients. As needed we come during the day. One of the members of the team, Joy Zane, is a pediatrician who cares for the patients along with the Filipino nurses. Fortunately, the patients are strong and seem to complain less than their US counterparts.

Brother and Sister

It looks a little like camp

I am sure these two patients will be happy to only spend one night