Trip Highlights


Sister of patient

We operated on 70 patients over 5 days. Wednesday was the longest day when we did 20 surgeries. It took a team of 25 people and worked with more than a dozen Rotarians. We need many support people for each surgery. These include the Anesthesiologist, OR nurses, Recovery Nurses, Instrument cleaners, Dentists and a Pediatrician.

Local Nurses assist our team

Local nurses who have received their nursing degree assist our team and receive work experience.

Georgia, Mel and Jacqui

Two years ago my daughter Julia and Georgia led the instrument cleaning team. Now the team is three. All are in college. Georgia is now in her third year with the team. Parker, my 17 year old senior son, was supposed to join the team until he broke is leg 4 weeks ago. I think he missed out!

The anesthesiologists were all from Australia. The three nurses in the foreground were from the Philippines. The surgical team, Drs Maguina and Kamal are at the head of the table.

20 of us road in a Jitney. This is a traditional small bus popular in the Philippines.