New Release: 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve


Counterpoint Cabernet

Like an orchestra tuning before a symphony, the aroma of our 2007 Oakville Reserve is a harmonious unification of almost tangible, fruity juice. Hints of cherry and plum combine to make an aroma that could be enjoyed on its own. Drinking the dark maroon wine reveals a marvelous counterpoint- a complex balance of sweet dark cherry that, like an intricately composed symphony, progresses through several movements before arriving at a darker finish.

The final note lingers long on the tongue as black currants and spice with a hint at tobacco resolve the sweeter flavors at the beginning of the ensemble’s performance. Like its sibling, our 2007 Cabernet, intimation of chocolate nibs complement the initial fruit melodies.

Craig’s instruments in this performance include Cabernet Sauvignon from one of our favorite vineyards in Oakville, coupled with a dash of Cabernet Franc that provides the mouth feel required to complete this complex harmonic construction. Enticing from start to finish, the smooth tannins and balanced flavors make this wine enjoyable on its own, with an equally juicy steak, or some of your favorite dark chocolate.

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