Dr. Senders Turns Water into Wine with Our New Virtual Reality Experience


Announcing the Senders Wines
Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Vino Venture

the science of perception at it’s finest

Dr. Senders has done it again! His intimate knowledge of human perception of flavor has now yielded one of the greatest breakthroughs in VR tech: virtual flavor perception.

Wearing Senders Wines V³ Flavor Goggles, you can now enjoy wine with all of the benefits– and none of the downsides. Calories? None. Alcohol? Nope. Hydration? Yes. Flavor? You betcha!

With our patented Flavorceptor™ technology, we are able to trick your retronasal receptors into a delicious waking fantasy of flavor.

Available starting today, April 1st, 2017, the Senders Wines V³ Flavor Goggles can be yours for only $899.99.

That being said, with this new angle on the market of virtual flavor reality, we’re proud to announce the newest member of the Senders, Inc. family of companies:

Based in Borås, Norway, the hometown of one of our engineers, the operations should not interfere with our efforts to bring you handmade, single-vineyard wines from Napa and Sonoma.

In all reality, Happy April Fools. None of this is true.

Relax a bit and enjoy some of our wine. Nothing can compare with the real thing, made by an artist, and aged with great care.

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