A Wine for Any Season or Occasion


Crisp and refreshing, this wine is the ideal aperitif for an evening spent around the BBQ with friends and family. Hints of ripe tropical fruit and citrus are balanced by fresh crushed rock giving this wine a flavorful but light body. Its fruity aroma and crisp minerality make it a great match for pan-seared scallops and more challenging pairings since it holds up well against acidic dishes– even some asian cuisine.

Coming from the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley, this wine enjoyed an ideal season– one of the many reasons for its aromatic, balanced flavors. As much as we love our Pinots, sometimes it’s a bit too warm for red so we turn to this as our sure-to-please wine at the dinner table or around a fire pit.

Recommended serving temperature 45-50°F.

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