New Release: 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve


Counterpoint Cabernet Like an orchestra tuning before a symphony, the aroma of our 2007 Oakville Reserve is a harmonious unification of almost tangible, fruity juice. Hints of cherry and plum combine to make an aroma that could be enjoyed on its own. Drinking the dark maroon wine reveals a marvel...

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iseedavis: “Hot Holiday Dish”


"Stressed over your holiday meal? Don’t panic! Karen Senders to the rescue. ‘Yall come on over to see what’s cookin’. One hint…it’s hot!" See the video at

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iseedavis: “Hero Among Us”

"The world could use more people like Dr. Craig Senders who has won the American Red Cross hero award in Davis, CA. See how his generous mission “Operation Restore Hope” has helped thousands of people who are in desperate need." See the video at

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iseedavis: “Delectable Dinner”

"Learn how to make this divine French meal, fit for a hungry family! Karen Senders with Senders Wines uses a bottle of her “Wine With a Cause” to demonstrate. Watch, learn and try for yourself." See the video at

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iseedavis: Restore Hope


ENT Dr. Craig Senders with UC Davis travels with “Operation Restore Hope” to repair severe cleft deformities on needy patients. See the miracle he worked in Cebu, Philippines. Click here to head to to see the video....

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Operation Restore Hope – Cebu 2013 Slideshow


We're resting right now after returning from our trip to Cebu which resulted in 87 surgeries- and we'll be bringing you some of their stories. But first! Here's a slideshow (by Peri Paleracio) featuring many of the people we met on the trip and the work we were able to accomplish together. [vimeo...

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Screening the Patients


Our first full day began with a 15-minute 8:00am taxi ride to the Miller Seventh day Adventist Hospital. According to Josh, there are 150 patients to screen. A maximum of 100 surgeries can be performed, so some will be some turned away because of either age (too young) or an unhealthy weight. Like...

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Operation Restore Hope Begins!


We arrived at 4:00am into Manila, but you would never guess that it's four in the morning-- the airport is bustling!  Filippinos do not sleep but we soon learn that we do not get much while we are here either:  pre-op coordination, surgery, and post-op have multiple dimensions; there is so much nee...

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